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LexisAdvance Password Extension for the Summer

April 21st, 2015 No comments

CC05gkQUIAE2RA2.png large

Use your Lexis Advance ID for:

• Academic, professional and non-profit research
• All legal content and news you have as a law student
• Unlimited hours-per-week
You may use your Lexis Advance ID for all legal work purposes, from the date your classes end this spring until the end of the summer. Normal law school terms of service apply outside of these dates.

No registration required. Your Lexis Advance ID will remain active all summer!


Legal Research with Lexis Advance in Three Steps

January 30th, 2015 No comments

You won’t always have a citation to start more complex research assignments.  Instead, you’ll have a set of facts and legal terms of art.  The Lexis Advance search box makes finding the most relevant supporting authority for your assignment using facts and legal terms as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, or Search – Category – Filter.


If you’ve shopped o1nline, you already know how to conduct legal research with Lexis Advance. Use the same easy process:  search, category, filter, with built-in help from a smarter search, thanks to the Lexis Advance word wheel. It saves time as you search by suggesting legal phrases, sources and popular names for statutes.










1. Search Broadly
Start with a broad search of all Lexis Advance content so you will have a complete set of results including cases, statutes, secondary and other important sources for your research assignment. Create your initial search using these three major
components: party, cause of action, situation.  Use Filters > Advanced Search for tips on how to use terms and connectors for better and faster results, and take your research to the next level.



2. Select a Category3
Select a source category from the left of your results page.  Snapshot shows the top three results from each of the sources you searched for a quick view of your results. Start your research with Secondary Materials to gain a broad understanding of the cause of action and its requirements, which will help you focus on what you’re looking for when you switch to the case-law category.


3. Filter
Narrow down your results using intuitive Lexis Advance filters. Filters appear to the left and vary by source. More jurisdiction and category filters make narrowing easier.  Combine a few filters to quickly find the best, relevant authority for your research assignment.


Write Your Best Brief

January 16th, 2015 No comments


Lexis Advance can help you with writing a brief.  Check out this resource on