Tips on Finding a Publication or an Article in HeinOnline

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How do you know if our law library has access to a publication in HeinOnline? 

Search for a particular Title:

The easiest way to find out if a title is available in HeinOnline and the collection in which it resides is by using the Catalog Search tab from the main page:









Enter the title and change the drop-down menu to Publication Title, and then click search. Titles that meet your search criteria will appear in the results, which will also list the collection(s) in which each title appears:





















Search for a particular Article:

From the main page, search for an article using this search syntax: title:”Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory” and click search:






You can also use the quick search bar on the Law Journal Library homepage to quickly retrieve an article by title, author or Bluebook citation:











From the search results, click the title of the article to access the material:












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I think I would prefer to see your brother instead!



Two Former Congressmen Weigh in on State of the Union Address

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image.img.pngPresident Barack Obama’s sixth State of the Union address included more generalities than specifics on many issues of concern to attorneys.  And some pressing legal-related topics never even got mentioned in the January 20 speech. 

Read the full article here.





Things to Keep In Mind

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According to Peter Rowntree, a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, the four things he wished he had known in law school are:

1.  Don’t take morning classes

2.  The importance of becoming an efficient researcher

3.  Start your exam preparations on day one

4.  Law school is nothing like practice


Read his complete article here.



Bloomberg Law Reference Desk

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Bloomberg Law has published a number of law report articles focused on law schools and students, including the “Ask a Hiring Attorney” series, which provides practical career advice to law students such as “How do I get feedback from job interviews?”. These articles are searchable by selecting Bloomberg Law Reports – Law School as a source on the Search All Legal Content page.


HeinOnline Interface Enhancements

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  • A universal citation navigator, advanced search options for both the full-text and catalog search tabs, and access to MyHein and Fastcase were added to the Welcome Page search tool.
  • The option to sort subscribed collections by collection type was added to the Welcome Page; Hein recently made it possible to default your library’s collection view to this display! pic
  • Hein’s ScholarCheck has been enhanced in several ways this year. Users can now view the number of times an article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period; the option to sort search results by this measure has also been implemented. The cumulative number of times an author has been cited can be viewed in parentheses next to each author’s name in search results.
  • The U.S. Code has been programmatically indexed to the section level, and the Citation Locator tool’s functionality has been significantly improved. Check out this blog post that describes this enhancement in detail!
  • Print/Download options now include the ability to download multiple pages ranges at the same time.
  • Subscribers of Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals can use their MyHein account to set up subject alerts, which will send an e-mail when new material pertaining to their subject is indexed by IFLP.
  • All users can take advantage of the new multi-page view available by clicking the window icon from inside any document in HeinOnline.  page
  • Users who set up MyHein accounts can now rearrange bookmark tags and bookmark cases from Fastcase. 


Write Your Best Brief

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Lexis Advance can help you with writing a brief.  Check out this resource on























Case Law Now Available in HeinOnline

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Early in 2014, Hein introduced case law powered by Fastcase to all HeinOnline Core subscribers free of charge! This partnership earned Hein and Fastcase the 2014 AALL New Product Award; in June 2014, the partnership was enhanced with the addition of Fastcase Premium, which enabled users to synchronize existing Fastcase and HeinOnline subscriptions or to upgrade their subscription to take advantage of additional features of Fastcase in HeinOnline. Check out this Quick Reference Guide to learn more about case law in HeinOnline and to ensure your library’s users are getting the most from this fantastic resource.


Relevance Sort on Bloomberg Law

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Relevance Sort Is the New Default for Court Opinion Searchessorting

When running searches for Court Opinions through a Court Opinions database in the All Legal Content search and from the Court Opinions search tool, results are now displayed in relevance order, although users still have the ability to resort results by date, court or by most cited opinions. Bloomberg Law’s court opinion relevance algorithm sorts search results based on the factors most important to a legal researcher, including the responsiveness of the opinion to your query, the date of the opinion, the issuing precedential authority of the issuing court, and citation history.


Amazing Libraries From Around The Word

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