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Mobile printing now available

August 15th, 2014

You can now send print jobs to the law library printers from your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. You can send print jobs to the printers at the Hexes on the second floor of the library or to the Xerox copiers on the first or second floor.

There are 3 options for printing


Email the document you want to print as an attachment to the address for the printer you would like to use:

wusol-hex@printspots.com Both Hex printers – 2nd Floor Library

wusol-01xerox@printspots.com All Library & Lab Xerox copiers (single side printing)

wusol-02xerox@printspots.com All Library & Lab Xerox copiers (double sided printing)

Web printing

Go to www.printeron.net/wusol/lawlibrary and follow the instructions. You can print a file or webpage.

Mobile App

There are PrinterOn mobile printing apps available for many devices. Get the app for your device at www.printeron.com/apps.html

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