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Legal Research Guides – Environmental Titles from Hein

February 12th, 2015 No comments

Environmental Justice:  A Legal Research Guide

KF241.E58 C65 2014

This title is a comprehensive guide to researching environmental justice and the evolution of geographic equity. Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.

Containing information relevant to legal issues pertaining to the pursuit of environmental justice, this guide covers where to begin your research, including suggested internet sources, federal statutory law and legislative resources, executive branch materials, secondary materials, statistics, science and much more. Subjects include the liability for environmental damages, environmental laws, environmental policies, environmental protection, and liability for hazardous substances pollution damages. Collins goes beyond the routinely taught primary law to offer advanced legal research opportunities that include, relevant executive orders, relevant legislative history for bills that have passed and not passed, statistics underlying laws on the subject matter and routinely proposed regulations due to inclusive goals of the environmental justice movement.

This guide also:
• Includes interdisciplinary resources
• List annotated examples in each area
• Offers an opportunity for advanced legal research
• And much more!


Environmental Crimes and Corporate Responsibility: A Legal Research Guide

KF241.E58 H47 2001

This pathfinder covers sources both primary (federal statutes, case law, and government agency publications) and secondary (American Law Reports, law reviews, and various looseleaf services), as well as other sources of information such as newsletters, books and publications, and organizations. Finding tips and internet sources are also provided to aid the researcher.

HeinOnline Interface Enhancements

January 20th, 2015 No comments


  • A universal citation navigator, advanced search options for both the full-text and catalog search tabs, and access to MyHein and Fastcase were added to the Welcome Page search tool.
  • The option to sort subscribed collections by collection type was added to the Welcome Page; Hein recently made it possible to default your library’s collection view to this display! pic
  • Hein’s ScholarCheck has been enhanced in several ways this year. Users can now view the number of times an article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period; the option to sort search results by this measure has also been implemented. The cumulative number of times an author has been cited can be viewed in parentheses next to each author’s name in search results.
  • The U.S. Code has been programmatically indexed to the section level, and the Citation Locator tool’s functionality has been significantly improved. Check out this blog post that describes this enhancement in detail!
  • Print/Download options now include the ability to download multiple pages ranges at the same time.
  • Subscribers of Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals can use their MyHein account to set up subject alerts, which will send an e-mail when new material pertaining to their subject is indexed by IFLP.
  • All users can take advantage of the new multi-page view available by clicking the window icon from inside any document in HeinOnline.  page
  • Users who set up MyHein accounts can now rearrange bookmark tags and bookmark cases from Fastcase. 


Case Law Now Available in HeinOnline

January 15th, 2015 No comments



Early in 2014, Hein introduced case law powered by Fastcase to all HeinOnline Core subscribers free of charge! This partnership earned Hein and Fastcase the 2014 AALL New Product Award; in June 2014, the partnership was enhanced with the addition of Fastcase Premium, which enabled users to synchronize existing Fastcase and HeinOnline subscriptions or to upgrade their subscription to take advantage of additional features of Fastcase in HeinOnline. Check out this Quick Reference Guide to learn more about case law in HeinOnline and to ensure your library’s users are getting the most from this fantastic resource.


New Titles from Hein

January 12th, 2015 No comments


Boulder Statements on Legal Research:  Pedagogy and Legal Research Education bookcover.php

KF272 .B68 2014

This title looks at the signature pedagogy set out in the Boulder Statements on Legal Research: Pedagogy and Legal Research Education, and places it within the framework of the rich literature on information literacy, adult learning and experiential learning. It is a valuable resource for those who teach and who need to understand the educational theories that promote the effective transfer of knowledge. The structures (surface, deep, tacit and shadow) of an ideal pedagogy for legal research educators are addressed. Chapters include: Assessment; Integrating Legal Research into the Curriculum; Teaching the Values and Limits of Intermediation and Disintermediations; Social Networking for Workplace and School; Metacognition; Relationship of Legal Tools and the Legal Structure; Critical Information Studies.





Legalese to English: Civil Procedure

KF8841 .N36 2011

This is the first study guide that presents the substantive material necessary to succeed in Civil Procedure through a structured and interactive approach, in simple and straightforward language. Provides a proven plan for students on how to manage their time, what to study and why, in order to help them organize and test their knowledge. Each guide includes: easy-to-follow explanations of tough concepts with clear examples; workbook-style questions and answers; writing exercises focused on exam-type analysis; time-management strategies; and templates for drafting outlines.






Legalese to English: Torts

KF1250.Z9 N36 2012

Nanos and Sileo are at it again, breaking down tough concepts and confusing cases into understandable, bite-sized pieces with their newest title, Legalese to English: A Workbook for Torts.

After learning the basics about each torts subtopic (duty, proximate cause, consent, etc.), students need a good study plan to follow throughout the semester. This book gives them that plan, in a step-by-step format. Throughout the book there are writing exercises to solidify topics, as well as study recipes at the end of each chapter that will guide students from the first day of class to an A on the final exam.





Universal Citation Guide

KF245 .U576 2014

The best tool for citing Internet documents.  This new edition has been made easier to use, to smooth the transition as courts, states, and journals adopt the system. It contains: Universal Citation and AALL: A White Paper, which gives an in-depth treatment of the history of universal citation, and describes how a few of the states have implemented such systems; Rules for judicial opinions, constitutions, statutes, administrative decisions and regulations, court rules and law reviews, which have been clarified and standardized, with additional examples to help demonstrate how the rules are applied; and Appendices of recommended abbreviations, updated and made easier to navigate.