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WestlawNext Password Extension for the Summer








Reasons to extend your current password for the summer:

• Summer law school classes and study abroad programs
• Other educational uses including:
– Law review and journal, including write-on competitions
– Research assistant
– Moot court
– Unpaid internship/externship


Thomson Reuters has heard from several law firms and was told that using a firm’s password for firm work is in a student’s best interest. This is for a number of reasons, including:
• Practice Ready – An important function of any summer position is for the student to become a practice-ready member of a law firm. This involves understanding the resources and best practices of their employer – including being able to conduct research within the bounds of the firm’s WestlawNext plan.
• Folders – If a student uses their student password, any research saved to a folder will not be shareable to the member of the firm. Using a firm password allows folders to be shared.
• Billing – Student passwords are set up differently from firm passwords. With law student passwords, client IDs are not requested at the start of a research project, as they are with firm passwords. Keeping track of billable research is an essential skill – one that can’t be practiced when using a student password.
• Confidentiality – Client confidentiality is a hallmark of the legal profession. Research conducted on a firm’s password is more easily kept confidential. Research conducted on a student password is more difficult to keep confidential.


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