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Helpful Exam Tips:

As the spring semester winds down it is time to start thinking about preparing for final exams.

Some suggested library resources include:

CALI lessons connected to a specific class can be a helpful review. Click HERE for a list of the available lessons related to popular case books.

The library has a variety of study aids by subject that you can consult. Click HERE for a list of Hornbooks, HERE for a list of Examples and Explanations titles, and HERE for the Understanding series.

There are also a variety of resources online dealing with law exam prep; offering organizational tips, and study hints. Though these links are somewhat dated, they should prove helpful:

A podcast on how to approach law school exam taking can be found HERE from Law School Podcaster.

The Law School Academic Support Blog posted HERE on exam studying tips.

The Wall Street Journal asked a few law professors HERE what a good exam answer looks like

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