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Meet the Library Staff: Mary Marzolla

Marzolla300x266Faculty_de.ashxMary Marzolla, the Associate Director of the Legal Information Center, grew up near the seacoast in New Hampshire. After high school she moved around the country while working for a company that constructed power lines, and during those 15 years she took various college courses. She has lived in 13 states, but she chose to settle in Pennsylvania when she married her second husband, Frank Marzolla, in 1984. She finished her bachelor’s degree at Villanova University while working in the college library, then started working on her library science degree there also. Mary began her career at Widener in 1990 as a reference librarian, then earned her J.D. here as an evening student. With her colleague, Mary Alice Peeling, she has been teaching Widener’s Advanced Legal Research course for the past ten years. She is known for her sense of humor and her sharp wit. Besides reading and sewing, Mary enjoys spending time in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monterey, CA, where her sister lives. Mary and Frank also like to enjoy good food and wine with friends.

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